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How To Fish Dick Nite Spoons

Lakes -

There are three primary techniques for fishing lakes with Dick Nite Spoons.

#1 Trolling: The trolling method is very effective in both shallow water and deep. Use a dependable line - we have found McCoy Line to be a very reliable line - you just might need some line strength! Use 10 to 30 lb main line depending on the size of fish you anticipate catching. Use 4 to 20 lb leader depending on water clarity and species of fish. When trolling in shallow water simply tie a small barrel swivel on the end of your main line and then add three to four feet of leader with the Dick Nite Spoon tied directly to the leader. NO SNAP SWIVEL. Troll with varying speeds but do not allow your Spoon to roll or spin - it is NOT a spinner. It's design is to wobble. So, give your motor a little throttle - just a spurt - and then back off to idle. Continue this varying speed process repeatedly. This will make the spoon more erratic and that drives the fish CRAZY!

#2 Deep Water Trolling: In deep water you will need help getting the Dick Nite Spoon down to the fish and you have two ways of doing that. The most common is the use of a DIVER. You can find divers with varying characteristics. Some divers go down deep and some are built to go a certain depth. One of our favorites dives to a maximum of 20 feet at optimal speed. The best way to attach your Diver is with a sinker slider. First put the slider on the main line then a put a bead on the line and then tie on a 6 bead swivel. Hook the diver to the slider. Do not tie your leader to the diver! Now tie 4 feet of 4 or 6 lb leader to the swivel, add your favorite Dick Nite Spoon and hang on! The second most common way to fish in the deeper water is the use of a crescent sinker or banana sinker. By varying the weight of the sinker you can control the depth. You may need to use sinkers from 1/2 ounce to 10 ounces to cover all of the water columns. Again varying your speed trolling your Dick Nite Spoon will make you the high producer on the lake!

#3 Casting the Dick Nite Spoon: Dick Nite Spoons are the ultimate enticer in shallow water structure such as logs, rock gardens and earthen dams. When using ultra lite rods and reels you might be able to cast the Dick Nite with no weight added, but it is more common to add a split shot or some other casting aid when fishing with the smaller spoons. Whether fishing from a boat or the bank always cast and start a count as soon as the spoon hits the water. Start with a one count then flip the bail and start your retrieve. This will cover the upper levels of the water. Always cast in an arc. Imagine a baseball field - you should start casting toward 1st base and each cast should be working towards third base. In a tight area you might only make five casts from 1st to 3rd, whereas in a more open area you might make 20 casts from 1st base to 3rd. After you have worked the area with the one count go to a two count then three and so on till you find fish or the bottom. If you find fish you will know exactly what depth to go back to because of the count. When you move try to reposition yourself so that your next set of casts will partially overlap the first cast area, this will assure maximum coverage and no fish will slip by.

Rivers & Streams -

#1 Bank/Wader fishing the Dick Nite Spoon: The Dick Nite Spoon is great for fishing rivers and streams. Bass, Cut Throat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Muskies, all Salmon species, Steelhead, Walleye and many more fish will clobber these spoons. Your fishing rod and reel will determine whether you need to add weight to your line. Remember to have at least 24 inches of leader between any weight and the spoon. When casting Spoons you should always use the count method as described in the section above. Cast towards mid river and let the water work the spoon in an arc down river and towards shore. In river conditions you will have the best success if you do not retrieve the spoon until the spoon is directly down river from you and parallel to the river bank - Then reel like crazy and cast again! Let the river move the spoon at normal river speed. Remember - the fish are used to their food traveling at the rivers natural flow rate. This will promote the ultimate WOBBLE. After you have cast at least five casts at each depth till you either catch fish or find the bottom, take five steps down river and start casting again. This will ensure that you have covered every inch of the water - if there is a fish there you can feel confident that the Dick Nite Spoon will bring them to the beach for you.

River Fishing A Dick Nite Spoon

#2 Trolling the Dick Nite Spoon In a River: When trolling the Dick Nite Spoon in a river you need to consider the flow rate or speed of the water. Remember, your Dick Nite Spoon should NOT spin. If you cannot troll up river without making the spoon spin you will have to find water that is slower - like back eddies or large slow moving pools.

There are three ways to troll your Dick Nite Spoons.

a) Back Trolling, With this method you can use either a diver or crescent sinker to get the spoon down. Using your oars or trolling motor, slowly allow the current to push you down river. Your boat will be facing up river. Slide the spoons as close to any structure as possible to entice those big fish into leaving their hiding places. On some rivers you can back troll for miles and on some only fifty yards. It's best to leave your rods in the rod holders and let the fish hook themselves. Once the rod doubles over, grab the rod and keep smooth tension to the hook.

b) Trolling back eddies and slow pools. Many rivers have dead slow water on the inside corners. This water is premium even if the eddie is only 20 yards long. Many big fish will hold up in this water and take a break. Use the same gear set up as back trolling. In this slower water you can very your speeds like you would in lakes.

c) Down River Trolling: Use the same gear as back trolling. This is a fairly new method that is starting to catch on because of its success. Literally start your boat in a down river direction and let out your gear as you move to keep the river from pushing your tackle into the prop. Let the line out fifty feet or so and just keep a slight tension to the spoon using the motor. When you get slammed using this method it's really exciting!

As it goes with everything else, there are as many ways to fish with a Dick Nite Spoon as there are fishermen! We would be interested in your input! If you have ideas we have not covered here, please - email us and tell us about it!

We here at Dick Nite Spoons, Inc. would like to extend our appreciation to Ken Elsea from Washington Fishing Adventures (Also known to many of you as Steelhead Sue's) for his great part in presenting this information to you.

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